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Responding to Suicide Survivors

The webinar “Responding to Suicide Survivors” hosts a discussion of what suicide is, who suicide survivors are, and what it may mean in a cultural context. You will learn pertinent statistics of suicide, risk factors of suicide, and who may be at risk of suicide. You will also learn about some protective factors that can be used to lower the risk of suicide. You will learn about the common reactions a suicide survivor may have, how to respond to their reactions, and viable options to help the survivors of suicide cope more purposefully. This training will also cover topics that can hinder the healing process for the survivor, and give examples of what not to say or do.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: 

  •        Identify potential risk factors of suicide.
  •        Navigate the grieving process with the survivors.
  •        Identify options that can help the survivors.
  •        Understand the thought progression of a suicidal person.
  •        Determine ways to help a grieving colleague.
  •        Differentiate between actions and words that can help or hinder the survivor.
  •        Formulate helpful responses to say to a suicide survivor.

CE Hours for Social Workers/ School Psychologists/MFCCs: 1

NBCC: 1 CE Clock Hours/CEUs 0.1